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PASS Introduction

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Professional Version (Enjoy Real-time Accounting)

  1. PASS (Personal Accounting and Software Solution) is a product of Suhitam Soft (OPC) Private Limited which is registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India. CIN is U72900TG2022OPC166558; GSTIN is 36ABJCS3797B1Z2
  2. PASS is a browser-based web software for financial accounting
  3. Ideal for individual professionals or small businesses
  4. User accounts are based on financial-year subscription with flexible plans
  5. Use it to believe the tagline: "Simply different!":
    • User-friendly and Highly cost-effective
    • Easy navigation between data entry page and page for reports
    • Single click generation of reports and export to Word or Excel or HTML
    • Single click generation of debit voucher /view uploaded receipts
    • Professional final reports with GST-filtered data
    • Facility to import bank statement in Excel-CSV format
    • Online Technical support ticket system related to PASS application usage
  6. Confidentiality/Privacy:All transaction-related text data in database are encrypted
  7. Remote access to authorized auditors/chartered accountants for validation of data
  8. Fixed assets management module
  9. e-Invoicing module with reports for easy GST filing and item stock register
  10. Satisfies the requirement of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) vide notification number G.S.R.205(E) dated 24-03-2021 inserted proviso to Sub-rule (1) of Rule 3 of the Companies (Accounts) Rules 2014. The proviso is as follows: “Provided that for the financial year commencing on or after the 1st day of April, 2023, every company which uses accounting software for maintaining its books of account, shall use only such accounting software which has a feature of recording audit trail of each and every transaction, creating an edit log of each change made in books of account along with the date when such changes were made and ensuring that the audit trail cannot be disabled.” View MCA Rule related to audit trail log
  11. Full refund (MRP minus GST amout) in case of cancellation of subscription within a month